tight binding studio

Please take a look at the readme to see what features are added in latest version.

Debian: Ubuntu, Mint

tpstudio-1.5.3-amd64.deb (Compatible with Ubuntu 18.04)

RPM: Fedora, openSuse

tbstudio-1.5.3.fc30.x86_64.rpm (Compatible with Fedora 30 Workstation)



Installaion in windows:

  1. Extract TBStudio-1.5.3-win-64bit.zip
  2. Double click on TBStudio.exe


TBStudio-1.5.3-64bit.app.tar.gz (Tested in MacOS Mojave)

Installaion in MacOS:

  1. Double click on TBStudio-1.5.3-64bit.app.tar.gz to extract the app
  2. Drag and drop the TBStudio app into Applications folder located in the left toolbar.

Note: Previously, we had provided the download link in SourceForge site. Now it has been removed.